CaribCare is a registered charity that serves the people of the Caribbean in the Island countries and the United Kingdom.

Our goal is to reduce the poverty and deprivation of people in the Caribbean Country Islands.

Poverty has been defined as the state of well-being of a people measured by variables such as income, education, employment, and access to basic necessities of life such as housing, clothing, food, water, etc. 

Our organisation is a proactive charity based in the UK that works through raising the awareness of poverty and deprivation in the Caribbean and engaging those with the generous act of giving through donation for:

  • The purchase, collecting and distributing of clothing, including children’s school shoes and educational materials to Children.
  • The operation of Open soup kitchens food projects in various locations targeted at individuals and groups in the Caribbean island countries.
  • Provide basic maternity supplies to mothers and babies as well as visit the sick at the hospitals and homes..
  • Work with organisations and churches on charitable programs to serve our target population groups in the Caribbean island countries.

At CaribCare, we place emphasis on both urban and rural areas  -Reaching the unreached.

Our projects are directly targeted at those that really require help.

Core values

Our core value is to provide life enriching needs to the unreached in the Caribbean countries and its people.

CaribCare hopes to make a huge impact towards the eradication of poverty and deprivation through our support for children and families in the Caribbean Islands Countries.